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7850 Sub-sea Temperature Sensor

7850 Sub-sea Temperature Sensor

Sub-sea & Extreme Temp.Transmitter

  • Rated for sea water use
  • Depth rated to over 9,000 meters
  • -73deg to +200deg C temp range
  • Accuracy to 1%FSO
  • Compact Design

The GP50 7850 tempreature transmitter is a compact, rugged unit. It's corrosion resistant  design is tailor made for the demading enviroments of deep water oil and gas or marine exploration.   

Applications include; 

  • Military and commercial ROV
  • Subsea Oil and Gas
  • Marine and exploration 

Available Downloads

  • Compact, rugged corrosion resistant design
  • Accuracy to 1% FSO
  • Up to 0.5 second tempreature response time
  • 100 Ohm platinum RTD

Available Downloads

  • Choice of outputs
  • RS232, RS485 or CAN protocols available 
  • Wide choice of subsea electrical connectors
  • Custom tempreature probe lenghts
  • 100, 1,000 ohm, platinum RTD, J or K type thermocouple
  • 7850 tempreature transmitter 
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

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