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240 & 340IM Series

240 & 340IM Series

Flush Face Industrial Pressure Transmitter

  • Flush faced sensor
  • Minimal media plugging or damage
  • Rugged,all welded design
  • No zero offset from installation
  • 5X burst pressure

 The model 240 and 340-IM series are a flush mount pressure transmitters designed for use in high viscosity media, especially where more traditional non flush designs can get clogged or damaged.

The 240 and 340-IM feature a rugged, all welded Inconel design which makes compatible with corrosive media

Applications include ;-

·         Waste water treatment

·         Slurries and Sludge

·         Paints and adhesives

·         Corrosive and high viscosity media

·         Pump suction and discharge lines   

Available Downloads

  • Compact 1 inch design
  • ATEX and IEC hazadous approvals

Available Downloads

  • Direct NTP or flanged process mounting
  • Select electrical connectors 
  • 4-20mA or 0-5vDC output
  • 240 or 340 Pressure Transmitter
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate 

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