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136 / 236 / 336 Series

136 / 236 / 336 Series

Compact, differential pressure sensor

  • Compact design, high accuracy
  • Fast response time
  • Accuracy option to +/- 0.05%FSO
  • Line pressure to 1,000PSI
  • All welded 316L SS wetted parts

The 136/236/336 family is a range of differential pressure sensors that have been designed with high accuracy and robust performance in mind

The 136/236/336 is capable of measuring differential pressure as low as 20” WCD with line pressure as high as 1,000PSID. This compact transducer is also offered with a accuracy options up to ±0.05%FSO. There is also the choice of digital outputs and electrical connections, please contact us for details.

Applications include;-

  •  Transport and storage of LNG gas
  • Automotive test stands
  • Aircraft engine test stands
  • Flow and filtration measurements
  • Tank level
  • Leak Testing   


Available Downloads

  • Compact design
  • High accuracy 
  • Option of USB, CANbus, RS-232 and RS-285 outputs

Available Downloads

  • Accuracy optios to 0.05% FSO
  • Choice of USB, CANbus, RS-232 or RS-285 ouputs 
  • Choice of electrical connections
  • Choice of process connections 
  • Model 136/ 236/ 336 transducer 
  • Calibration certificate

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