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7500-9000 Pressure & Temp Sensor

7500-9000 Pressure & Temp Sensor

Sub-Sea Pressure & Temperature

  • High accuracy to 0.25%FSO
  • Submersible to 30,000ft / 9,000 m
  • Pressure and Temperature output
  • Pressure and Temperature output

The 7500-9000 Series are combined pressure and temperature transmitters that are designed for the challenging environments of Sub Sea and Oil and Gas industries.

The accuracy of 0.25% FSO, pressure range of 0-20,000 PSIG and capability of being submerged to over 9,000 meters makes the 7500-9000 ideal for applications such as;

  • Depth and level sensing
  • Ocean pump stations
  • Oil platform and down-hole applications 

Available Downloads

All GP50 pressure transducers are manufactured and tested to MIL -STD and MIL-SPEC standards to ensure the highest quality and reliability 

Please down load the data sheet for complete specifications

Available Downloads

• Optional API Flanged connections
• Pressure ranges from 0-5,000 to 20,000 PSI
• HART communications available

  • 7500-9000 Series Pressure / temp transducer
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

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