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313G PVC Level Sensor

313G PVC Level Sensor

PVC Submersible Level Transmitter

  • PVC Construction for easy cleaning
  • Choice of bullet nose or flush seramic diaphragm
  • 0 to 3PSI to 0 to 30PSI pressure ranges 
  • ATEX Zone 2 approvals
  • 3.175cm dia. PVC housing 

The 313G is a submersible level transmitter that features a flush ceramic sensor. This design helps minimize clean up time due to reducing the build-up of contaminants such as grease and bio-solid materials.

The 313G sensor constructed from a chemical resistant PVC that provides continuing performance and stability under the aggressive conditions associated with waste water and other aggressive liquid media applications. 

Applications include;

·         Submersible pump lift station level monitoring

·         Water tanks and reservoirs

·         Processing sumps

·         Waste water level monitoring

·         Water recycling 

Available Downloads

  • ATEX zone2;II 3 G Ex nA/ic IIC T5 Gc
  • Corrosion resistant sage; II 1 G Ex ia IIC T5Ga 

Available Downloads

  • Additional cable lenghts, please ask
  • Tefzel or Hytrel jacketed cable
  • 0.5vDC output
  • SAE-4 flush ceramic or bullet nose process connection
  • 313G Sensor
  • Calibration certificate

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