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311-HD & 311-QX Pressure Sensors

311-HD & 311-QX Pressure Sensors

Cryogenic and High Temp. Sensors

  • Cryogenic service from -195 deg C
  • High Temp operation to +177 deg C
  • ATEX and CSA approvals
  • Remote electronics
  • Economic pricing

GP50’s 311-HD and 311-QX pressure sensors designed to offer a reliable,  economic option for your cryogenic or very high temperature pressure measurement applications.

Yet the 311-HD and QX are fully featured with remote mounted electronics, a high 4-20mA or 0-5vDC output, a SST armoured cable jacket with a choice of lengths provides flexible mounting options. 

Also available are optional CANbus, RS485 Modbus, USB or RS232 digital protocols, all adding to the performance of this highly spec’d yet economically priced sensor  

Available Downloads

  • Pressure ranges to 15,000psi 
  • Remote electronics provide analogue or digital output
  • ATEX and CSA hazadous area approvals 
  • All stainless steel housing and wetted parts 

Available Downloads

  • ATEX and CSA approvals 
  • 18" to 36" armored cable 
  • Zero and span adjustment 
  • Inconel, Monel or Hastelloy ports
  • CANbus, RS485, USB, Modbus or RS232 digital protocols
  • 311-HD or 311-QX sensor 
  • NIST traceable Calibration certificate

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