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GP:50 - pressure, level & temperature transmitters and transducers

Aerospace and flight certified pressure sensors Industrial pressure/level sensors and transmitters Oil & Gas; ATEX & Ex pressure and temperature sensors OEM pressure/level sensors/transmitters Flush/Sanitary pressure/level sensors Differential pressure sensors Melt Pressure sensors Cryogenic/Hi-Temperature specialist pressure sensors Submersible pressure and temperature sensors Sub-Sea pressure and temperature sensors  Water & Sludge Treatment pressure/level sensors Accessories for pressure and temperature sensors

Here you will discover a wide selection of high quality, reliable Pressure and Temperature sensors designed to meet the needs of the most demanding industries. So, whether you need a single sensor for a special project or have a high volume OEM requirement we will help decide the most suitable product.

GP: 50 have been building pressure & temperature sensor since 1986. Designed & built in the USA to the highest international standards, GP: 50‘s sensors are used in a disparate range of industries; from subsea to aerospace.

GP: 50 have chosen to partner with Interface Force Measurements Ltd in the U.K, the force, torque and pressure specialist since 1996. So you can be confident you’ll receive the best pre and post-sales support, whatever your application.

If you cannot find the sensor you require or want something not shown on this website then you can email us, click on the Chat button or even call us on 01344 776666 and we will work with you to decide the most suitable product for your application.

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311-HD & 311-QX Pressure Sensors
311-HD & 311-QX Pressure Sensors
Cryogenic and High Temp. Sensors

GP50’s 311-HD and 311-QX pressure sensors designed to offer a reliable,  economic option for your cryogenic or very high temperature

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